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Sneezing, Itching, Watering Eyes....... Use Your Nettle

Jessica Morgan, M.H.

For those who have learned to respect its sting and recognize its amazing herbal attributes, stinging nettle truly is one of our most delicious, nutritious and medicinal foods. Even though this plant can offer a crash course in plant identification, as well as contact dermatitis, painful tiny blisters, and possible burning like sensations, (OUCH!) get to know it, nettle has so much to offer.

Besides being very high in iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, and vitamins A, C, and D; it is nutritive, astringent, diuretic, tonic, and antihistamine. Nettle is particularly effective in treating allergic rhinitis, relieving nearly all the symptoms of itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose. This herb can be taken in the form of tincture, capsule or as I prefer in tea; two or three times daily throughout hay fever season. Some herbalist recommend nettle for dogs that suffer seasonal allergies as well.

The stinging comes from the presence of the histamine in the bristle. This is what delivers a stinging burn when the hairs on the leaves and stems are touched. But, the histamines and histamine-like compounds in nettle seem to be what interferes with the release of histamines produced by the body, thus relieving much of the symptoms that inevitably results from airborne allergens each spring. Combating seasonal allergies really can be as simple as a cup of nettle tea away. Morgan Botanicals offers nettle by the ounce and nettle seed as well as personal blends. If you would like an allergy tea blended please feel free to contact me.

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Jessica Morgan, M.H.

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