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Herbs For Men..We Didn't Forget About You

Jessica Morgan, M.H. Men seem to fall on the way side to women and children so often in herbal healing. But, from the heart to the prostate, ulcers , and even the common cold, herbs can play an important role on men's health. I have three men in my life; two are just babies, but none the less their health is very important to me. Knowing how to deal with and be prepared for, everyday "boy" complaints are skills I long to enhance. But, on with the men.

If you want to increase your health or suffer from symptoms associated with prostate, lowered libido, memory issues, palpitations, weight gain, depression and irritability- there are great herbs out there.

The following are some effective herbs commonly used in treating most problems experienced by men today, and are easily accessible.

Ashwangandha- beneficial for nervous tension, stress, anxiety, reduced sexual energy.

Hawthorn- cardiac tonic and vascular tonic, beneficial for treating high and low blood pressure, heart palpitations, angina, edema, and heart arrhythmia.

Motherwort- cardiac tonic and sedative, reduces palpitations, specific for tachycardia.

Gingko- improves mental stability, memory function, cardiac tonic, vascular tonic, peripheral vaso-dilator.

Oats- treats nervous system disorders, depression and anxiety, low sexual vitality, irritability, and urinary incontinence.

Kava-kava- helps reduce tension, anxiety, and stress.

Damiana- strengthens the reproductive systems, replenishes diminished sexual vitality, relaxant, antidepressant.

Licorice- beneficial for adrenal exhaustion, tiredness, and fatigue, digestive inflammation and ulcers.

Horsechestnut- vascular tonic, astringent.

Nettle- tonic for the reproductive system, liver disorders, urinary health, an edema.

Saw Palmetto- used to treat prostatitis, low energy, cystitis, bladder malfunctions, prostate cancer, and to build weight.

Hops- useful for hypertension and anxiety as well as insomnia.

Garlic, Ginger, and Cayenne- circulatory stimulants

If you looking for a herbal tea try our Men's Health Herbal Prostate Tea here in my Local Harvest Store. Our tea blend is highly nutritious and naturally benefits the maturing body. The perfect tea to support the prostate.

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Jessica Morgan, M.H.

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