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Can't Keep Lena Out of the Herbal Pantry!

Jessica Morgan, M.H.

My budding herbalist Lena loves hanging out with me in the herb shop. She comes in, grabs this jar and that jar and say's, "can I smell"? It's really rather cute, and it gives us the opportunity to discuss the aroma, remind her of their names and what we can use them for. She loves to do little taste tests on orange peel, chamomile, rose hips and cinnamon chips. You can tell she's recognizing the different characteristics of each plant as she patiently smells and tastes each one.

So, I've decided to give her her own personal shelf amongst the big jars where she can tuck her very own baggies of herbs in. Together, we scooped, bagged and labeled individual herb bags. And, now whenever she comes in she can grab them, open them and give them a good ol smell.

Sometimes while I'm working I'll send her on a scavenger hunt for herbs. I'll have her locate simple herbs that have a specific smell or taste, like peppermint or licorice. Or, I'll send her on a journey for herbs of a particular color or shape too. I'll say, Lena can you find me 4 different jars with yellowish herbs in it, or maybe 3 different jars with roots? So, whether or not she grows up to be an herbalist, she's going to have some knowledge of our healing plants. And for now, since I can't keep Lena out of the herbal pantry, we have found a way to have fun playing and learning together!

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Jessica Morgan, M.H.


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