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Lady's Mantle Is Her Herb

Jessica Morgan, M.H.

Every single herb I grow, touch, smell or taste,  intrigues me in unexplainable ways. I love the plant, the folklore, the medicinal properties and simply the excitement I get from my work.

As a woman, I have come to realize certain plant family's, like the rose family, and their value of medicine giving abilities such as Lady's Mantle and Red Raspberry.

The common name of Alchemilla vulgaris, Lady's Mantle, owes its scientific name and a certain psuedoscientific reputation to the fact that its leaves are efficient collectors of dew. The alchemists, to whom the name Alchemilla refers, believed that the dewdrops that gathered on the leaves had magical powers to help them in their search for the philosopher's stone, with which they expected to turn base metals to gold. The name Lady's Mantle refers to the plant's shapely, pleated leaves, which resembled a medieval lady's cloak- one suitable for the Virgin Mary, hence the plant's original common name, Our-Lady's mantle. The  leaves usually have nine lobes, which accounts for its other common name, Nine Hooks.

This amazing little plant has been used throughout history to treat menstrual irregularities and difficulties. Due to the rich concentrations of tannins, it is especially valuable for heavy and excessive bleeding. The salicylic acid has sedative properties which helps alleviate cramps and painful menstruation. During the menopause years, the gentle power of lady's mantle can be quite helpful.

Like other members of the Rosaceae family, it contains a fair amount of tannins, along with trace amounts of salicylic acid. Because of this, it has been used for all sorts of woman’s health issues; excess menstruation and pre- and post-menstrual spotting, prolapse or feelings of heaviness, hemorrhage, irregular cycles and  conditions like fibroids and endometriosis in women.

The wound healing abilities of the Lady's Mantle herb have always been regarded highly within the herbal tradition. The herb possesses potent astringent effects and may slow blood flow to allow the first stage of healing to begin. It is 'of a very drying and binding character' as the old herbalists expressed it, and was formerly considered one of the best vulneraries or wound herbs. It has been used externally and internally to stop bleeding, to heal wounds, to relive vomiting, and in a host of other cures.

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Jessica Morgan, M.H.

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