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Juniperish Delish

Jessica Morgan, M.H.

Our storm took down half a juniper at the old church on the corner, so needless to say, I've been busy dragging sweet juniper boughs home across the snow this beautiful Sunday morning. I give thanks to the church, the Juniperus gods and the mighty storm..... shake off snow, kiss the sky and drag.... I'm always grateful when my old friend calls to me. Seems like a good pristine day for making juniper hydrosol. And probably juniper some-of-this and juniper some-of-that!





Funny thing is, I wasn't planning on working in the shop today, but it seems these plants choose to drop themselves in my lap whether I am thinking about them or not. And well since I have a mountain of juniper boughs on my office floor, I guess I'll be starting some more Wild Juniper Infused Oil, Juniper Rose Salt Scrub, and probably another batch of Rewild: An Aromatic Wilderness Bath. I could'nt possible live without juniper in my life and neither should you. l




Wild Juniper Infused Oil
JuniperOilI like to wander through the juniper like the deer, quietly nibbling and scenting myself. And I like the way the deer watch me.... You know, we can learn so much from the land if we just learn to watch and listen. We know juniper smells good and is yummy, but it’s also a well known folk remedy for arthritis, rashes, and skin ailments. It’s great for inflammation and lymph congestion and it’s perfect for mental exhaustion too. I think it makes a nice stimulating body oil right out of the shower as well. I like to make it with wild-gathered juniper infused apricot, extra virgin olive and grapeseed oils and EO’s of cypress, juniper and lemon.


Juniper Rose Salt Scrub

Juniper RoseI’m a big fan of dry brushing and a big fan of salt scrubbing! These kinds of rubdowns really stimulate the body’s circulation and lymphatic systems which is not only invigorating and makes for smoother skin, but it can also help improve digestion, liver function and gets toxins moving out of the body. This stimulating scrub is also great for mental exhaustion, minor muscle aches, soreness, stiffness, inflammation and lymph congestion. Always lovemade with all kinds of salts, hempseed and grapeseed oils, wild-gathered juniper berries and rose petals, poppy seeds, allspice and EO’s of juniper, balsam fir and clary sage. 


Rewild: An Aromatic Wilderness Bath

Rewild Wilderness BathSoaking in water is precious. And soaking in herb infused water is a bath for the soul. It can wash away debris and wash away hurt and it can fill up our heart and fill up our soul. Who doesn't like to take long steamy mystic ceremony soaks and have their soul filled up with the smells of the wilderness. And what is better than a dark candle lit steamy aromatic bath, a long soak and deep breaths to revitalize and release our chattered mind. A bath to help us relax and let our senses go back to the wild. Rewild is a handmade blend of rosemary leaf, eucalyptus leaf, horsetail herb, juniper leaf & berry, yarrow leaf and flower, pine, prairie sage, chrysanthemum & calendula flowers.


Wild Juniper Incense Cones

Juniper ConesThe humble juniper is said to encourage a sense of balance and calm. I simply have to agree as i tend to crave their company when I need solace and peace of mind. But we’ve known for millennia that burning incense is good for the soul and it certainly means alot of different things to alot of different people. So it is my hope that you find your inner harmony and a sense of balance in the burning of humble little juniper cones. 

You can find many of these herbals available on my website or you can make your own, but definitely be with the juniper as they are wise and full of healing medicine.


Thank you for your support, and Happy 2013!?

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