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I'm In Love With My Herbal Pantry!

Jessica Morgan, M.H. I'm absolutely in love with my herbal pantry. This cupboard is probably my favorite place in the house. It's silly, but I find solitude here. I just can't stop myself from peeking in, reorganizing or smelling it everyday.

I find and save jars, bottles, and tins so I can fill them with my beautiful herbs. Every one has a story, and I can remember where I found each and every herb and the bottle. Every year my pantry grows - it' like my sweet little child.

 When I first started working with herbs in the early 90's I had a half dozen jars of the basics, just a few simple herbs to play around with. But now, I just can't get enough. I love learning about, growing, drying and using new plants. So, my pantry keeps growing and now shes almost 20 years old.

The best way to store your herbs is in airtight glass jars, away from direct light, in a cool storage area. I like finding unique jars. In fact, the local German bakery gives away their 1 gallon pickle and sauerkraut jars. What a steel. Needless to say, I'm there weekly. It is important when using herbs that they are of high quality. The best way to insure good quality herbs is to grow your own. Most of mine are just tucked away in my vegetable and flower gardens- they are just part of the landscape and are free to pick. But, if you can't grow them yourself, look for the best. Dried herbs should be vibrant in color and have a strong smell. Of course they all won't smell good, but they should be strong.

If your interested in using herbs medicinally, the best place to start is to read, learn about, and acquire those herbs your excited about. I recommend starting with a few and learn them well. As, I said earlier, my herbal pantry took years to grow. You can always expand your studies and your herbal pantry as you grow more familiar with the practice. Take your time to fall in love with each herb and get to know everything about it from, how it works to what it looks like growing.So go ahead, empty a small cabinet and start your own herbal pantry, I guarantee you'll fall in love too.

Here's a shot of my own personal herbal pantry.


Looking to start your own herbal pantry? Check my Local Harvest store for beautiful, fresh, and organically grown herbs. I sell my herbs in 1/2 ounce to 2 ounce bags. Some good herbs to start with:


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Jessica Morgan, M.H.


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