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Rosemary For Revitalization

Jessica Morgan, M.H.This woody shrub blooms in spectacular hues, from true blue to rosy blue, and one white-flowering variety. It blooms in spring and sometimes fall with a wonderful aroma that fills the air with a fragrance like sweet pine. Rosemary has a long history of medicinal use, in culinary cuisine, symbolic blessings, and aromatherapy in gardens around the world.

This amazing plant is often used a a tonic, but it also relaxes the nervous system, which helps ease anxiety, depression, and tension headaches. It's antispasmodic properties help to fight lingering bronchial infections and help improve breathing.

Rosemary tea is also an excellent herbal tea to drink for those recovering from an illness or surgery, and especially for seniors. This particular herb gently restores immunity and health. Because of its antioxidants, it prevents cell damage from free radicals. It has no side effects and can be taken regularly. This shrub is antiviral and antimicrobial which helps fight infections, as well as anti-inflammatory which eases inflammation.

Use rosemary tea to brighten your skin and overall glow. Its antiseptic value will improve the skin's ability to resist infection and helps clear up blemishes.

And of course we can forget about slenderness. Rosemary improves the digestion of fats, and keeps wastes from accumulating, including cellulite deposits. This herb is a great choice for weight loss because it enhances the flow of digestive juices.

The whole plant above the root is beneficial fresh or dried. You can find freshly dried Rosemary Leaf in my Local Harvest Store.

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