Jacob's Reward Farm

  (Parker, Texas)
Alpaca/Wool Fiber and Rainbow Eggs
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NEW: Chicken Sponsorship!

Jacob's Reward Rainbow EggsOne of our fiber CSA shareholders inspired the Chicken Sponsorship Program:

 Here's how it works:
We buy a ready-to-lay pullet and feed her for a year. You get a Sponsor Certificate (suitable for framing!) and a card with ten punch spaces on it. I'll punch your card once for every dozen eggs you get this next laying season. You get first priority when the eggs start coming and the demand rises. You can name your chicken if you like, but I plan for them all to look pretty much the same, for reasons I'll be happy to explain to you, away from the children or the tender-hearted.
Cost: $50 the first year. If you sponsor a chicken again in subsequent years, the cost will be $30.

Egg lovers who don't necessarily want to sponsor a chicken can also buy an "Egg Lovers" card and get ten dozen eggs for $35. Present your card for a punch and get a dozen eggs.

Folks who purchase their eggs a dozen at a time will pay the usual $4/dozen.

Find more details on the website: http://www.jacobsreward.com/jr_eggs.htm


A Single Step

Wow.  How exciting to be starting out here on Local Harvest.  Like many of the family farmers here, my dream began in my heart many years before it started to take shape in reality.  I lived in the suburbs for 15 years before we actually got to our small acreage and home.

Now I'm learning that, not only can I grow some food for my family and raise some cool animals who might contribute to their own upkeep, I can also network with a growing group of folks who are doing the same thing.  And I can learn from them.  And my dream can get bigger, as I see others growing enough to provide products to customers in their areas - people who value the dream.

I'm excitied now about finding those people in my area who are trying to make a go of a family farm on a small acreage, and also those folks who want fresh food and fiber.

I've been networking for several years with spinners and knitters, and have built a small market for my yarns and rovings.  I hope to increase that, as my yearly harvest increases, and also add customers for my egg business.

If you're in the Plano/Allen/Wylie area here in TX, please let me know and we can work together to build a strong LocalHarvest community right where we live!  I'm currently looking into starting a Yahoo list to support a group of like-minded folks, so let me know and I'll keep you up to date on developments.

God's blessings,


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