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It's Time To Make The Soap..I Already Made The Soap!

Well every time I promise to Blog more often, I seem to get worse at it. I don't know how people who blog all the time can do it. There just isn't enough time in a day for me to get everything else done and blog too! I must be getting old or business must be better than I realize (I'm going to stick with the latter).

I'm really starting to feel like the Dunkin' Donuts guy.."it's time to make the donuts, I already made the donuts". It's really like that, I feel like I'm meeting myself in the hall, on my way to make soap again. Wow! Who knew that soap making would turn out to be a recession proof business? I might be going to far to say recession proof, but it is holding it's own. 

Our late garden is coming along quite nicely. Last week, we finally got some rain and as everyone knows, rain will make a garden jump. It does make all the bugs and worms that love a fresh garden jump too. Not to mention, it washes away deer proofing that was working. We had several tomato plant fatalities due to deer over the weekend and we have these little tiny worms on our tobacco plants..did I mention, we are growing our own tobacco? That is my husband's project and it is doing fair. Those poor tender leaves are really not in love with the sun but many of the plants are looking great. If anyone has an idea about our tiny worms, we'd love the feedback. They are about 1 1/2 " long, green on top and white on the bottom. They are not hornworms.

Check out our blog to see how the Fiber CSA process is advancing. I'm not sure if any of our shareholders are reading this blog, so I thought I should mention it just in case. We do still have a few shares left in our Local Harvest Store for those who might be interested.

Well I'm off to make soap!


Spring 2009 Fiber CSA "Raffle"

Here's a way to double your CSA share and only pay for one. We are holding a raffle. For everyone who purchases a share in the Spring 2009 Fiber CSA by June 15th 2009, your name will be entered in our raffle to win a second CSA share. This would be a fantastic way to increase your stash or give your second share as a gift to a family member or friend. It could also be a super way to double up on yarn or roving for your Guild.

Simply go to our website and purchase your Share/Shares, we will notify you that we have received your order and email you a confirmation number that will be your raffle number. Hold on to the email for your records.

The drawing will be at the end of the day Monday, June 15th 2009. If you have any questions or want more information, please feel free to email me at

Good Luck!

*Note: Please do not use our Local Harvest Store to purchase your share/shares for this raffle. This only available through our website!

**The fine print: The winning share will be a natural colored share only. Dying will be available for an additional fee.


Breeze Hill Farm in Local Harvest Store!

Has everybody missed me? Wow, what a past couple of weeks! We've finally gotten some of the garden in, most of the sheep have been shorn, llama shorn, most of the fiber is packed and ready to go to the processor, filling orders at a much slower pace than I am taking them, goat's milk soap and lotion has definitely become something that everyone wants NOW, life is good. I am tired. Always remember, you can order our soaps and lotions through our website.

By the way, we now have a Store on Local Harvest and the Spring 2009 Fiber CSA is available through it. In the listing it shows that when you order you will get 5 skeins of yarn. That's not necessarily so, it's just listed like that to give LH a quantity to work with. Before making the decision to purchase, be sure to check out our website for more details and be sure to email me at with questions or concerns. As with so many other things in life..knowledge is power! Being fully educated in this process is very important. Knowing what to expect makes all of us happier. The sheep wool and alpaca fiber blended yarn is just wonderful. I worked up some samples for potential shareholders and I think that has made the decision to participate for quite a few folks. 

Within the next week or so, I will be sharing some new and exciting ideas and plans for Breeze Hill Farm's future. Keep checking back to see what's happening.



Visiting Another Farm & Buying Sheep

Yesterday, I spent the day at Magi’s Wood Farm. They raise Icelandic sheep and we are adding this breed to our farm. As you will see in the photo’s below, the sheep are a really cool looking breed and I enjoyed the time spent with them, but Magi is an incredible Felt Fiber Artist. I wish I had photographed some of her work to include in this post but didn’t even think about it until I had left..that’s OK, I’ll be back there next week giving a spinning lesson so I’ll be sure to get some great photos of her work. What she has done with this fiber art medium is too beautiful to put into words. I am so impressed and so fortunate to call this amazingly talented lady my new friend.

In the top photo below you’ll see Holly, she is one that we will soon have at our farm. I’m trying to make up my mind which ones will be the other’s. These girls all have such cool personalities, it’s hard to choose. Being a dyer, I’m always looking at white sheep but I’ve learned through the years that over dying colored sheep fiber gives some excellent results too.  I just can’t wait to have all of our new babies here at the farm. Once everyone has moved in an are settled, we are having a Field Party, to introduce everyone to the neighborhood..any excuse to have a party!


With all of these new additions, Breeze Hill Farm’s Fiber CSA will be absolutely awesome in the Fall.


Spring 2009 Fiber CSA Update

Things are progressing nicely with the Fiber CSA. Several shares have sold but there are many more still left. This is an exciting concept for the knitter, crocheter, felter, spinner and it is an excellent opportunity to add some really cool fiber to your stash.

This coming weekend we will be at the St. Stephen's Farmer's Market again in Richmond, VA and are looking forward to seeing the new friends we've made and hope to see more new customers. I just can't say enough good about this market and hope that their success will keep them going strong.

After the market we will finally plant our garden. It's been really slow going this year because of all of the rain and the fact that we kept having frost. Can't wait to see the first sprouts! Also, on Sunday we will have our sheep shearing day. Since we do this ourselves, it will be more like sheep shearing "days" but Sunday will be the start. The fleeces are absolutely beautiful this year. Looking forward to getting them skirted and shipped off for processing. I've done a little sample blending of the wool/alpaca blend that is being offered in the CSA, on the roving carder, it is spectacular! Not only is it beautiful to look at but it takes dye like I had not expected. The alpaca fiber that I have this year has a high luster so it takes the dye much like mohair. The handle of this blend is so wonderfully soft too and it spins like a dream. I will have the samples that I've worked on at the Farmer's Market Saturday for potential share holders to see.

Don't forget, until the Store Listing on Local Harvest is available, you can always go to to read more about the CSA and to order.


We Have Babies!!

Would you look at what we found at the barn this morning. Twin doelings and oh my are they just too cute? We were hoping that these two would be black. Their Mother "Blackie" (our stray goat - another story for another day) is obviously black and our Angora buck is white but his father was black. It looks like one wants to have blue tiping but the other one, as you can see is white. So exciting, more milk for soap and future fiber for next years Fiber CSA. I have to share just one photo of the babies. I just can't believe how perfect they are and I cannot say enough good about their Mom. She isn't in the photo because she was taking down a bale of hay all by herself. Busy night she had.

Can you believe how big they are? We know at midnight last night she had not given birth and she was showing no signs of labor.

Again, we need to give them names. Any suggestions? We ended up naming our first kid "Regan", so maybe we're doing presidents this time. Who knows!


New Farmer's Market Opens Tomorrow at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

This Farmer's Market is in Richmond, VA at the interesction of Grove Avenue and Three Chopt Road from 8:00 til Noon. We can't wait it is a new market and it is an all producers market. They have really done a good job of getting the word out so it should be a great market. So far, we gotten a lot of calls asking if we are going to have our goat's milk soap and goat's milk lotion available..of course we are and we'll be selling "shares" in the Spring fiber CSA too. It may not be the best day for that since Maryland Sheep & Wool is this weekend too, but not everyone will be heading in that direction tomorrow.

It's going to be so much fun to introduce our new products too! This will only be the third time we've put our Collina Breeza in front of people, so I can't wait to see the reaction to a lotion and cream that is "paraben free" and is made from 92% organic materials. So many of our customers are cancer survivors and they appreciate how gentle our soaps are on their skin and now they will have a lotion and cream that they don't have to worry about it harming them. If any of you are ever interested in what we carry you can check us out at .

To everyone heading out to the market's tomorrow have a great successful day!


Spring 2009 Fiber CSA


This Blog post may look familiar to all of you. Because of some changes in content had to take the original post down, so I am announcing the CSA again!

The Breeze Hill Farm Spring Fiber CSA is up,running and available.

The Local Harvest Store Listing is soon to follow.

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy the fruits (of a different kind) of our 2009 fiber harvest. We hope that this first offering will be a great success and look forward to everyone who will choose to sign up. What a wonderful thing to be able to purchase fiber from someone you know (kinda). A farm that believes in leaving the “bad stuff” out and only offers pure quality.

Check out our other blogspot at:

You can pick up our “Tweets” at Look for screen name: Shepherdmal



Preparing For The First Farmer's Market of the Season

The day we've waited for since last November is finally here. I love the surge of energy that comes with getting everything ready for the first Farmer's Market of the season. Doing last minute details to the products I'll be carrying. Setting up the canopy to let it air out from the few months it spent in the basement and realizing that I am missing two large tubs of yarn! Kind of hard to sell it and the Fiber CSA if I don't have it. So, I took a break from frantic searching to bore all of you.

The goat's milk soaps and lotions are always a work in progress so finding them..not a problem. Oh, by the way, we have still not had another baby here since the first one that I announced earlier in the month. So, of course, we will have to have a farm sitter while we are gone tomorrow. We got new table covers (aka Walmart bed sheets!) this season and I noticed this morning that something had spilled on the packaging and bled through to to sheet, so now I get to add laundry to the list of the "To Do's".

Each year, the inventory grows, the tubs and boxes get heavier, I seem to get heavier, and those first time organization skills are out the window. You know what? We wouldn't have it any other way!

Good luck to everyone who is getting started tomorrow. My hope is that it is a healthy and proffitable season for all of us. It's our time to get the word out to "buy and support local" and to educate.

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