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New Products

What a beautiful morning this is. It was 62 degrees at the farm when we got up, bright sun and almost no humidity. That’s really saying something for summer in Virginia. A morning like this made fixing a country breakfast mandatory. The most enjoyable part of it was including our first tomato of the season. It was nice finally getting something out of the garden that wasn’t zucchini! For the past month, it’s been nothing but zucchini bread, fried zucchini, sauteed zucchini, mock zucchini crab cakes (these are amazing!) and veggie mixes..with zucchini. The freezer is full of it, friends run when they see me coming, it’s a sad state! This is the down side of putting in a late garden, it's not easy being patient.

It’s been months in the fine tuning and testing and finally our new Jewelweed Products are ready for sale (they are not on the website yet so you will have to email me  to order). For those who do not know the significance of Jewelweed, it is wonderful for shortening the duration of an out break of poison ivy and oak and in some cases stopping an outbreak from occurring.

The two new products are a Jewelweed Balm, which is made with all natural and organic ingredients and Jewelweed Soap. Not being a person who has bad reactions to poison ivy or oak, I had to take the product to quite a few people for testing. The positive results were 100%. Both products benefit from having a variety of oils that help clear up the problem and leave the skin feeling soft but the soap has an extra bonus of containing goat’s milk. These two items are a must have for the summer first aid kit!

Well I’m off to take a look at 3 possible new goat doelings that were born in March. Because of the increase in business, we need to add to our herd and these girls will make a wonderful addition. Then it's back to get the Co-op ( orders ready for delivery tomorrow. Busy day!


We Have Babies!!

Would you look at what we found at the barn this morning. Twin doelings and oh my are they just too cute? We were hoping that these two would be black. Their Mother "Blackie" (our stray goat - another story for another day) is obviously black and our Angora buck is white but his father was black. It looks like one wants to have blue tiping but the other one, as you can see is white. So exciting, more milk for soap and future fiber for next years Fiber CSA. I have to share just one photo of the babies. I just can't believe how perfect they are and I cannot say enough good about their Mom. She isn't in the photo because she was taking down a bale of hay all by herself. Busy night she had.

Can you believe how big they are? We know at midnight last night she had not given birth and she was showing no signs of labor.

Again, we need to give them names. Any suggestions? We ended up naming our first kid "Regan", so maybe we're doing presidents this time. Who knows!

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