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Stupid! But True Story

As you all know, Saturday we went to a Chicken Swap. What I didn’t mention was one pretty stupid thing that happened while we were there. Included in this Swap were all livestock..bunnies, goats, etc. One of the “so called” goat farmers in our area brought 2 of his goats to sell. The way he transported them was a recipe for disaster to begin with and if you can image this..that is exactly what happened.

Maybe some of you all have done this before but I found it to be terrible. He had strapped those poor goats into a flat equipment trailer (you know the kind the guys use to transport lawnmowers) with equipment straps. He took them out on a 55 mph 4 lane road to the Swap. Now if you can image of them got loose, jumped out of the trailer and started the journey down the middle of on-coming traffic. The cops were there trying to stop traffic, the poor goat was running like hell and then it beared off into the woods. Now I happen to know this farmer (I’m sorry) and I know that his farm is about 5 miles from where the Swap took  place. He told the cops “don’t worry, he’s headed in the direction of home so he’ll get back there soon”. While all of the “whoha” was going on the other poor goat stayed strapped in the equipment trailer for a couple of hours in the pouring rain. 

I know I’m probably nuts, but to begin with I would never traumatize any animal like this..if you don’t have a livestock trailer, or sides on your pick up or a kennel one, build one or leave your poor animals at the farm. This guy not only put the animals life at risk but several hundred drivers and their passengers as well. As for the goat finding his way home! I have goats and yes I do find them to have some intelligence but if I took any of them 5 miles from here and dropped them, I would never expect to see them again..unless one of our neighbors found them and brought them back.

It just seems strange that the term “livestock” must mean trash to many people. I know that the way we coddle and baby our livestock is not really normal but I look at what I get in return for the way we take care of them..gorgeous fleeces from the sheep, goats, and llama, wonderful goats milk, fairly tame animals, which helps at shearing and milking time, minimal to no vet bills, just to name a few advantages. I am by no means saying that what we do is perfect nor that this is how everyone should treat their animals but come on, a little common sense is really worth it’s weight in gold!

Don’t know if the goat “found” it’s way home or not. Is it so hard to think about what you’re doing before you do it? It must be.


I'm Back!

Sorry I've been off the Blog seen for a while. For those who read my farm Blog http:/ you know that things have been very crazy here at the farm because of an illness with my Mother. Hopefully, I will start being able to make regular post again.

Thanks to everyone who has written, called and visited during this most difficult time, I've missed my Local Harvest community!


My Favorite Time Of Year


This photo was taken at a friends farm in the Shenandoah Valley last year. I use it throughout the year as a screen saver..when it doesn’t look like this here. In a couple more weeks, I’ll have more photos of Fall to remind me of my favorite time of year. There is something so incredibly wonderful and exhilarating about Autumn. I remember as a child, sitting in the swing, on late afternoons during Fall days, marveling at the difference in lighting. It in itself was a paint scheme for the artist’s palette, then add the magnificent colors of the trees  and summer grasses and oh my, it made it even more breathtaking. The Indian Summer or the cool Fall crispness to the air all make this a beautiful and memorable time for me as I’m sure it does for many others. As I sit here and type, I can almost smell the wood and leaf burning wafting through the air and the taste of fresh apple cider with a short shot of bourbon teasing my tongue. Of course, as a child it was virgin apple cider! Ah, what a wonderful time!

With Autumn, at Breeze Hill Farm, comes the season for breeding and fiber growth. The goats are busy working on the babies that will come in Spring. The sheep and goats both are starting their heavy fiber growing season in anticipation of Winter. We are cleaning stalls, getting the pastures broken up and fertilized and cleaning up downed wood, acorns and leaves. There is always a lot to do…always and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Well, I’m making soap and lotion like crazy this week in anticipation of great sales this upcoming holiday season. I can’t wait to get back out to the markets and open houses. To see those friends that we only see once a year and to make new friends. I spend my days doing this and my nights knitting so there will be a good stock from both sides of the farm.


Only In The Country

Early this morning we were out looking at the garden and running the dogs. We noticed a lot of shooting and commented that it must be target practice at the Prison. You see our farm is located directly across from a Correctional Center. It really never matters to us but my husband pointed out something funny this time. While we were at the garden our neighbor yelled over the fence, "do you want any cucumbers?". I responded, "I can't hear you over all the shooting!". Only in the country, on a sunny early morning would you hear a comment like that and not be at all concerned.

Eveyone, have a great day and be sure to appreciate the little things that make us laugh! 


The Sun Is Back!

Thought I was seeing things this morning. There was the bright light coming in the bedroom was the sun! When I went to the barn for feeding and baby check, I think I could actually hear the grass growing. It'll be nice to open up the house and let all that wonderful fresh air in.

There are no new babies this morning but from the looks of it, it should be "raining babies" the rest of the week and weekend.

We have a new Blogspot, in additon to this one. Feel free to take a look and leave us comments. The address is Maybe now that this is done, the new website will follow. Right now it all looks like "Frankensite", which doesn't equate to many sales.


My First Blog - It Snowed Today, Yeah!!!

This is my first Blog ever, so please excuse me if I get chatty. I promise I will get better.

Welcome to Breeze Hill Farm! We woke up to a beautiful 1" snowfall this morning. Still being a true kid at heart, I ran outside, took pictures, made a couple of snowballs to throw for the border collies and came back in to the woodstove. It always amazes me how just a light snow can make this farm look so beautiful. Aparently my craziness rubs off on the animals because everyone was frisky this morning. Our llama, Kosmo, was running all over the pasture, kicking up his toes, clucking and prancing. The sheep could have cared less about their breakfast, they just wanted to hoof around in the snow and lick the camera lense and the goats were all over the place. Many of our girls are pregnant now and tend to laze around but not today, they were full throttle. We love to watch the adults, both goats and sheep gamble. I think it suprises them as much as it does us. Our "Grand Dam", Barbie was spending more time on all 2's, dancing like a true clogger..she is 12, as best as we can judge..but never let her know she is getting old, she won't hear of it.

Once I finish getting my toe wet on the blog scene, I'll be off to making soap. Uusually, January is my dead season for sales but not this year, I have carry overs to start February off. It's been unusually busy. Also, joining a local co-op has made an amazing impact on orders. If anyone reads this blog, check out This is the site for the co-op and if you happen to be local to Goochland/Richmond, VA, it's well worth participating as a consumer and producer.

I've gotten a lot of emails over the last few days from people requesting information on raising livestock on small acreage. Mostly goats. I think that all of the hype about the bad economy is causing people to think more about what they can do to help themselves. I always welcome these requests because I think we should all, as farmers, do what we can to educate and assist anyone who is seeking a better more natual way of life.

Well, I guess that's about it for today. Before I get started, I think I will have to go outside again before the sun melts the snow away! Have a wonderful day and keep on the lookout for more entires in the future.

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