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The First Has Arrived


Well good rainy morning! Went to the barn around 5:00 a.m. and look what we found. This little "buck" is our first birth of 2009. We really thought our girls were just going to keep the babies this year. Apparently, our careful planned breeding didn't work our exactly as we had planned. Usually by now we are done with kidding for the year. This little guy will be a keeper. In an effort to grow the herd, we will make him a wither and enjoy years of wonderful fiber from him. His photo is not that great but when they are newborns you tend to get a lot of butt shots!

We haven't named him yet. Maybe some of you would like to do the honors. We did names with an Italian theme last year and have done the Irish and Scottish names for our sheep. Let's see what you come up with!

Saturday is our first event of the market season and I am sure, at this point, I'll be working the market event by myself. Someone will have to stay at the farm for continued birthing assistance if needed.

I promise I won't bore everyone with every birth but the first is just special.


Daddy In Waiting....


Wanted to share a photo of Antonio. He is dad to the kids that are about to be born this spring. As of yesterday, he has become "Daddy In Waiting". The girls most likely to birth the soonest are on the other side of the barn wall from him.



He is such a good guy. Each year at kidding time he takes up his post beside the barn and spends most of his time there until he hears that familiar “na” of a newborn. Then he gets up, goes in the barn and checks on mother and child (children). Then he's back to his post. This time he has a friend..that's "Boggie" our 18 or 19 year old ewe.

 The next time you see Antonio he will have on less's shearing time for!

(sorry the photo is so big..I'm still learning)

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