Apple Pond Farm

  (Callicoon Center, New York)
The sun and wind power the farm where we see our naturally raised sheep and goats
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Farm Stories

As the sun set, we gathered on the knoll opposite the house to enjoy the sunset, a bonfire and a glass of wine. From 3 to 70 years old, it was a lively exchange. We started with farmland preservation - its meaning to us who live in Sullivan County and to those from the New York City who visit. Is the garland to be preserved so that the scenery second home owners have is lovely...or so that the farmland continues in agricultural production? Our guests descried their pleasure of being on our farm,  eating from the garden, helping with farm chores, hiking through the woods, swimming in a nearby lake. The guests work in dot coms/web/computers soI asked about how rural communities can connect to the web. So many rural people are left out of the benefits of the web because of the cost of connecting - no cable here and a satellite installation and monthly charges are too high for the farmers I know. Maybe like rural electrification there needs to be rural web connections...if not, rural residents will end up out of the information age - a separate class. 


A lively discussion ..but that is why i love have visitors! 

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