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Thankful for the Harvest, and Thanks to Local Harvest

There is much to be thankful for this year, even though it has been a difficult year in many ways for many people.  My gardens this year were terrific, though not everything in the garden turned out as planned.  But the harvests we did have were so bountiful that I can’t even remember the veggies that didn’t do well.  Life is that way, I think.  It is easy for some to only see the plants that got the wilt or the tomatoes that had end rot, but it is this time of year when you pull a jar of tomatoes out of the pantry, or bring up some potatoes from the root cellar to get ready for the holiday that you are reminded of all the other little blessings that come in life. 

Mission Berry Farms’ CSA inaugural year will be 2009.  One of the blessings I am thankful for discovering is Local Harvest.  I had my first inquiry from a potential customer the other day. 

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