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Autumn has arrived!

Fall has come to Indiana in a rush this year.  After scorching in the hot sun for weeks, it is as if someone flipped a switch and the cooler evenings are here, the quality of sunlight has changed and the days are suddenly shorter.  As for me, I love it! 

This year, the farmer who plants all around our little place put in soybeans.  They are already golden and ready to pick.  I worry for the farmer because I see some places where the beans have begun to lay down.  It isn't my crop but it feels like it sometimes since we watch him plant, worry when it rains too much and wait eagerly for those tiny little seedlings emerge in the Spring. I love it most when it is a corn year (every other) because there is something so wonderful about the whoosh of the wind through the corn stalks and the rustling and rattling of the dry leaves and stalks.  Who isn't impressed when the harvest begins and the monster machinery comes to gobble up the crop in a cloud of dust and noise.  I love it when you come across a team of farmers all helping each other bring in their crops.  Three to four combines go shoulder-to-shoulder through the fields kicking up a massive cloud of dust as they cut a swath through the fields and then unload their bounty into the waiting wagons.  I wish we had been able to find a way to farm fulltime when we were younger but unless you know someone with a farm you can partner with, it is a hefty undertaking.  Nope, I can't think of a profession I admire more than the farmer.  They are laborer, accountant, businessman, scientist, keepers of the land, and heritage keepers all wrapped into one.  Sadly, they are not respected or appreciated as much as they deserve.

Our little garden (35x70 ft) produced a lovely crop of weeds this year along with a generous amount of food as we experiment with the best way to manage growing as naturally as possible.  This year was more "natural" than I would like!  We use a vertical method of growing and our tomatoes and beans were doing a spectacular job - so much so that they pulled over the row supports! We need to come up with a better support system! Next year, another plan for weed management and crop support are on the list of things to improve.  Every year is different. Every year we learn more.

Previously, in this little blog, I posted a story about our little cat, Sophie, who took on a fox, saved a chicken and left us all amazed.  Sadly, she disappeared a couple of weeks ago and I fear the worst has happened.  We've heard coyotes closer to the house recently.  I think the summer has been hard on them too.  It is a sad end toa great little cat.  We miss you, Sophie! 

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