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Cabin Fever and Snow, Wonderful Snow

Central Indiana has some snow today.  Compared with some regions in the country, a foot of snow isn't that big of a deal.  Here, it is an EVENT.  I have to say, I was more than ready to be snowed in today and grateful to my employer that they closed our offices.

Nearly everyone, except the fortunate few, are suffering from the restlessness that comes in the winter months, or, Cabin Fever. January and February in the Midwest are bleak months, after all.  There is Christmas let-down, bills from Christmas rolling in from places you forgot you bought from, the days are short and gray.  They are our coldest months and, despite the claims of global warming, we didn't see any this winter.  Everyone I work with is dragging.  You go to work in the dark, you come home in the dark.  There's never enough snow in Indiana on a normal winter day to cover up the gray and brown that colors everything.  So, what do we get?  A wonderful, old-fashioned snow storm.  The thick coat of snow silences the world, if even for just a short while.  The passing snow plow is the only thing that cuts through the muffled atmosphere and it passes quickly making everything wonderfully silent again. 

I let the dogs out just a few minutes ago and as I stepped out on the deck, I happened to look down there sat a little bird up to it's eyes in the snow.  It was a Brown Creeper, a tiny brown bird with a long, delicate beak. Aww, the cat had gotten it at the feeder but I scooped it up anyway only to find out that it was fine, just stunned.  It was indeed fortunate that I hadn't stepped on the poor thing. So, for a couple of short moments I had the priviledge of looking at this little bird up close as it clung to my fleece jacket and got its bearings again.  Then, I covered it with my hand, lifted it off my jacket and took it to a nearby tree.  As soon as my hand opened, it hopped on the branch, swiveled its head quickly to look at me and off it went.  What a wonderful moment. 

In our busy, busy world where we worry about extremes of cars polluting our air to cows producing methane (oh for gosh sakes, people!!!), it was such a relief, a blessing really, to focus for a moment on the beauty around us and remember that most people want to do good in the world, that we care about what happens to it and that we have more to be thankful for than to complain about. 

Today is a lovely day.

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