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Hooray for Spring!

Ahhh, the weekend!  At my day job in an office, many talk about going out to dinner, going to the mall, spending time with friends for weekend entertainment.  If I mention that I'll be working in the barn or doing something generally messy (or stinky), eyes glaze over and that look of dread casts a shadow over faces - even if someone tries to hide it - as they hope I stop talking and,at the very least, don't go into detail!  Usually, I think it's pretty amusing because I feel I am enjoying my time at least as much, if not more, from what I'm doing as they are.  Where's the love, the respect? 

Last night as I walked out to the barn to close up the chickens I heard that magical sound that, to me, beats robins, mourning doves and the smell of damp earth. It was the sound of the Spring Peepers.  They are tiny, tiny frogs, about the size of your fingertip but you'd never know it from the sound they make.  Some liken it to jingle bells. Take hundreds and get them all peeping at once and you have quite the choir. 

Don't have peepers where you are?  Listen here:

We had another spring visitor lately, a skunk who has decided the food served in the chicken coop is a great a nightly snack.  Except for the time I almost stepped into the coop when it was in there, we have had no "incidents". We'll have to research the best way to encourage this visitor to go elsewhere.

So, Happy Spring to all.  May your days be sunny and bright and offer a lift to the heart during this time of trouble and worry.  Go listen to the Spring Peepers... it will make you smile!

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Enjoyed your post. You have peepers? We were listening for them last night. So far no peepers yet, but if you have them we wil have them soon.....

Posted by Christine on March 07, 2009 at 07:40 AM CST #

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