Great Expectations

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A Journey Into The Unknown!
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Off and Running

So, we bought a little farm - 3.5 acres that had been parceled off of a "real" farm - and set out to try our luck at being county folk.  It has been a wild and crazy ride so far.

The house itself, was in terrible shape.  We joked that it came with carpeting... a long-dead flattened rat on the basement stairway.  Ugh!  But, the first thing we realized was that we needed to keep a sense of humor, not take it all too terribly serious and enjoy the journey.  So, we do, indeed, have Great Expectations.  Hopefully, these will not develop into a chapter called Grim Realities.

The remodeling process was full of frustrations. We had unexpected (and VERY last-minute) changes in the contractor who was going to do the renovations to our farmhouse.  We found someone willing to take on the project before the entire deal fell through.  I think he wanted the challenge and I also think he was trying to be a nice guy and help us out.  So, when the crew ended up not knowing what they were doing a good portion of the time, had huge cost over-runs and a longer than expected timeline all worked into the mix, we had to wonder if we had been nuts to take this all on. 

There were septic issues, conflict over the purchase and how much land we were really getting, goofy property lines, confusion over the water source... So why were we doing this exactly?  Seriously, I'm not even sure any more except that my husband LOVED this place and despite it's pitiful appearance we could both see the potential that was here.  We just needed to commit to some hard work. 

We've done just that and have a very long ways to go but, as we look ahead at all that work that still needs to be done to renovate this place, not to mention just maintain it, we are careful to stop from time-to-time and turn around and look back at how far we've come.  This gives us the motivation and encouragement to press on so that we will have something special to share with our children and grandchildren.  It won't be wealth in a monetary sense.  Lord, if they're waiting for that, there will be tears shed.  No, we want to leave a sense of place, an understanding of the work it takes to build a home and a sense of what "real" farmers do on a much greater scale to take care of all our needs here in this great country.

I hope to share some of our stories and the lessons we're learning along the way.... like why you don't bring a cat that has just been sprayed by a skunk into your house no matter how pitiful they look.  Oh, yes I did!

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