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Roller Coasters

I don't particularly like roller coasters.  I always feel like you could be flung off when you least expect it.  It's probably more of a trust or control issue for me.  I know the physics are correct and I'm not really going to be launched into mid-air but it still feels like it.  I'm finding that this small farming/self-sustaining thing is a bit of a roller coaster ride though and so I'm doing a lot of thinking lately.

We're new, very new, at this and of course we're learning.  We raised meat birds for our family last Spring and many people asked if we'd be selling them at any time.  So this Spring I bought more and found a licensed facility to process them so I could sell them.  YAY! I put an ad on our local Craigslist and I either had inquiries about who was doing my processing (which I find is a business I should really be in) OR, people wanted to know how I thought I could EVER expect to sell my birds at such an outrageous price.  Do these people go into stores and yell about all the things they think cost more than they should pay?  Probably not so I've been startled that people have actually done that to me.  I guess because I wouldn't do such a thing, it is surprising when it has happened to me.

I had actually researched the price for pastured chickens and am below others posted here on LocalHarvest.  So, overall, this is discouraging.  Not enough that I will want to cancel my order for Thanksgiving turkey poults and I will probably raise meat birds again and still try to sell them.  What is discouraging is when the reality sets in that not everyone "gets" it and they feel compelled to tell you they think all the hard work you've done is basically stupid.  (Insert a sigh and slumped shoulders here.)

Clearly, I will have to re-think my plan... no wait, I think I have to MAKE a plan!  I can still sell my birds and plan to do that at either a farmer's market or I can stick a sign out in my yard.  I can take pre-orders; there are lots of different strategies for success.  What I'm learning is that you have to kind of learn as you go if you're new because there aren't many others willing to teach you the ropes.  Until we get it figured out, I anticipate a few more dips, curves and nervous moments along this roller coaster ride.  In the meantime, wanna come over for some grilled chicken??  I have plenty.

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