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Slip Slidin' Away!

First bitter cold and biting winds, now freezing rain.  Is there anything worse? Seriously, you can move the snow out of your way but ice?  Well, there's not much that can be done except try and avoid it until the sun takes care of it.  A trip to the hospital to see our first grandson took forever and was a foolish trip, to be sure!  But, the little guy didn't want to miss Santa, so he came a month early.  Not surprisingly, there have been a couple of issues as his body works hard to get stronger.  His folks were needing just a bit of moral support so off I went.

A trip that should take 20 minutes took almost two hours and the trip home afterwards in the dark was worse.  All was going okay until the last mile or so before our place.  As I rounded the corner I could see several vehicles at a stand still in the road. I was driving the PT Cruiser -maybe the worst car on water, snow and ice that man ever built, or at least it's up there towards the top of the list!  I could see a pickup nose first in the ditch, his bed sticking up in the air.  About 40 feet the other way, was another, larger pickup on the side of the road.  I assumed he had stopped to help. Nope. As I get aong side him I hear,  Whe-e-e-e-e-e-! He was spinning his back tires as fast as he could to try and force the truck to move.  Isn't gona work, pal! Putt, putt, putt I kept going in the lowest gear at about 3 miles per hour talking to myself all the way.  "Easy, easy now.  This is faster than walking.  Take it easy!" I eased myself around a small SUV and a pickup truck that were inching along.  The pickup is about two feet off the back bumper of the SUV.  My theory is it was the husband "helping" the wife by breathing down her throat and blinding her in the rearview mirror with his lights.  I bet they had a chat when they finally got home! Putt, putt, putt... I'm still going!  I see two cars up ahead and can tell how the road is by watching when their tail lights indicate they're slipping back and forth.

At one point I began to slide off the road and managed to get some traction off the grass along the shoulder.  My headlights reflected off the sheer ice and I could tell where the crown of the road was.  I needed to get up there an straddle it as much as possible.  So, bit by bit, inch by inch, my goofy PT Cruiser finally got me home past the big trucks, past an SUV.  See guys, it isn't about size and brawn... it's about technique! 

Oh yeah!  Girls rule! (But, I really don't ever want to do that again!)  Also, if you happen to see a white chicken in your yard, give me a call.  I'm missing one...


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