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Thanksgiving is more than just dinner.

I looked out at the garden tonight when I got home from work.  The hoop house over the peas was fluttering in the breeze, some straggler tomato plants had flopped over, brown and soggy, rattling raspberry canes... It certainly doesn't resemble the wildly growing garden of just a couple short weeks ago.  Quickly, I need to get out there and get things cleaned up and ready for Spring. 

Isn't it a wonderful cycle?  We plant, we wait and anticipate, celebrate the growth and the harvest, mourn the end and then, immediately, begin to plan all over. 

Our turkeys came with much expectation this summer after actually being lost in the mail! YIKES!! We were so glad when we got them and we pampered and babied them, knowing they had been stressed only to lose 8 to the extreme heat in July.  I absolutely love raising turkeys so this was a tough one and the biggest loss we've ever had.  Now, it's just about time to harvest the turkeys and, as much as I love them (especially this batch for some reason) I am also so happy when people come to the farm to pick up their bird, happy about the thought of Thanksgiving around the corner and we are part of their family's tradition.  We're already talking about our next batch. 

Silly as it may seem, I thank the turkeys as I load them onto the truck to take to the butcher.  I thank the chickens when they give us eggs.  I thank the garden for what it provides. Yes, we are so blessed.  It is, indeed, the simple things that add richness to your life.  Family, friends and the every day reminders of God's bounty - that's what it's about.

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