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Things I hadn't considered...

I collect trivia... odd bits of information that will never help me win Jeopardy or any kind of game show.  Unfortunately, with all the bits and pieces, I have to admit the only thing I really knew a lot about was raising kids and now somebody has gone and changed most of the rules about that too!  But sometimes I think of all the things I have never considered and certainly never knew or suspected.  Think of the groups of people who collect things you might think are odd but they organize a convention and people are flocking from everywhere eager to share their enthusiasm... like people who collect vacuums and have competitions! Seriously?!

So, here's one that makes sense... I think chickens must have a great sense of smell.  Really?  I hadn't even thought about it until recently. I am often in a fog when I go out to feed our little flock. It's either 5 in the morning or at the end of a long work day in town so I'm kind of on auto-pilot.  So, tonight I was setting out some cat food on the other side of the barn for a really scrawny cat that just showed up a little while ago.  There was probably half a cup of cat food in the little bowl.  Before I could get to the chicken's pen to put down their feed, all of them had converged on the poor, starving cat and were trying to steal its food!  They couldn't have seen what was in the cat's bowl and it didn't make any noise when I set the dish down.  That means they had to have smelled it.  As I thought about it, I guess they must have good "sniffers" because in the mornings when it's really, really cold, I make sloppy oatmeal for them and add some scratch feed to that when I get out to the barn just to get their systems warmed up and keep 'em laying.  When I open the door to their little hen house they will all dash out but as soon as I step in to dump out the oatmeal, they're back in squawking for me to hurry up.  They don't do this when I just have a scoop of regular feed. They have to be smelling it.  Yes, I know they have little "noses" in their beaks.  I think because it is part of their beak, I never thought about the fact that they can smell.  Same with those teeny tiny eyes... how they can spot a bug yards away.  Amazing.

Go ahead, roll your eyes, but there are millions of things going on around us - hundreds of worlds circling us- that we are completely unaware of because we're often too busy to think about things outside our own reality.  Lives that people live, things they love that most of us don't even consider. We're certainly too busy to appreciate many of these little natural wonders. One of the biggest blessings of living out on our little bit of country (which is not that far from being suburbia, I fear) is that you have these tiny moments when you realize what a wonderful world we live in. 


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