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It has been a quiet weekend and I've been indulging myself by "playing" on the computer and stopped here to check things out.  I was so surprised to see that the last time I had posted anything was a few weeks ago.  Really?  What in the world have I been doing and where did that time go?  For a brieft moment it felt a little like one of those UFO abduction stories where folks have unaccounted for periods of time.

Like many others, I seem to experience some weird malaise, depression, gloom, funk - call it what you will - during the end of winter.  Don't get me wrong, I love the winter, particularly if we get snow.  But after a while, I think my brain checks out due to lack of sunlight and not spending enough time outside. 

Today, I suddenly realized how quickly Spring will be here.  I have chicks coming in a week and the brooder hasn't been cleaned out and prepared like it should be, I haven't ordered my turkeys yet either, I just ordered seeds for the garden but where the heck are the flats to plant them when they get here? I think I am a bit paralyzed and overwhelmed but in a good way, perhaps.  The days of being cozy on the couch watching mindless television programs and collecting bits and pieces from magazines and other reading material is about to go on the back burner again.  I need to kick it into gear! 

My husband goes at one steady pace for the most part.  He slowly, carefully gets things done (thank God!)  He is the tortoise, I am the hare.  I like the mad dash to get things done, thinking of the best order in which to get much accomplished in a short perod of time.  Unfortunately, this method usually leaves casualties as I steamroll over everything in my path to reach the intended goal. But, it does get me going again and while I am not a fan of Indiana's summer heat and humidity, I do love Spring and can't wait to get back in the swing of things.  Now, if I could just discipline myself to spread this preparation out, that would be a good start.  I'd sure like to hear how others spread out their plans over the winter months.


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