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What was that??

So, we're sitting in the living room this morning enjoying the beautiful sun and the summer morning when there is a galloping of little feet on the deck.  A streak of red flashes by the sliding door on the deck.  This is followed immediately by a gray and white streak (also known as Sophie the cat)... more galloping on the deck and then it's quiet. 

I jumped up and went to the door only to see a red fox hit one of our chickens from behind at a full run.  Meanwhile, little Sophie is still on the fox's tail.  I yelled, "HEY!" and the fox drops the chicken and took off across the road and into the neighbor's field. 

The dazed chicken - minus a copius amount of feathers now (aka. naked-butt-chicken) looks at me across the yard as if to say, "What the heck was that?!"  Amazed, I stand there at the back steps watching as Sophie "herds" the chicken over to me.  I scooped up the dazed chicken and sat down on the steps.  She settled in next to me, content to be cradled in my arms. I carefully checked her out to find a significant gash on her (now naked) rear while Sophie circled us, clearly quite proud of her abilities to be a pretty tough girl.  Normally, a rather dainty cat, small but compact and a mix of Siamese and I-dunno, this was quite an amazing moment.  I have posted her photo on our Local Harvest listing in honor of her special achievement.  Thanks, Sophie!  I hope we'll have a dog soon to help you with your guard duties.

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