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When Love is Not Deserved - Updated

I didn't want to include this story with the other entry from today because it deserves its own space.  Whether anyone will read this or not doesn't even matter but somehow I wanted to leave a tribute to the wonderful, but sad, heart of a dog.

Almost two weeks ago, as my husband and I were coming home one evening, we noticed a dog lying in the tall grass off the side of the road. "You need to back up so I can make sure it isn't hurt" I told my husband.  I could hear him saying, "Oh, no!" in his head but he did it anyway.  He backed up the car and I got out and started to walk towards the dog when it hopped up and faced me.  Nope, it wasn't hurt, it had just been resting.  While it barked and refused to come, the dog wasn't behaving aggresively and it wasn't running away either.  

As I was getting back in the car, a van going the other way waved at us to stop.  The woman in the vehicle told us this was the second day the dog had been there and she suspected it had been dumped.  We talked about what we should do and then we both drove off.  If we called Animal Control and they caught this dog, a beautiful German Shepherd, chances are it would be put down.  Instead, we hoped we might gain the dog's trust and coax it into the car where we could take it home and at least find a decent home.

We figure the scenario was something like this: The owner takes the dog to the country, gets out of the car with the dog and tells it to stay while they get in the car and drive off.  Guess what?  The dog is doing just that - it is staying put - for nearly TWO WEEKS.  It lays in one spot and while there are probably 4 or 5 of us in the area that are leaving food and checking on this dog, it trusts none of us because it is waiting for its master to return.  This dog is waiting for its heartless owner to come back and it isn't going to happen.  Talk about unconditional love.  I guess it makes me think, in a way, of how God loves us.  We set HIm aside, saying we'll be right back, and then we forget all about Him.  But I digress from the story.

It started out with me taking over a bowl and a pan with food.  The next evening someone else had the same idea because there was more food left.  One day someone left a little dog bed - big enough for its head, but it was a gesture of kindness.  Using the lure of leftover pork tenderloin (which my dogs would kill for!) brought the dog within 3 or 4 feet of me the other day but that's the closest I've managed.  Finally today I called Animal Control after hearing they had been out trying to catch this dog to tell them I would adopt it if they did catch it.

It is pouring buckets right now and has been all day.  We made a crude shelter by cutting the end off the biggest plastic tub we could find and anchored it to the ground.  Today when I drove by to check and leave food, I couldn't see the dog.  Maybe it was in the shelter, maybe Animal Control had managed to catch it.  I'm hoping someone was able to coax this loyal dog into their car and took it home.  I'll be checking again tomorrow morning on my way to work.  I suspect the rest of the neighbors will be doing the same.  This dog's heart touches us all, makes us furious with people who would do this to their faithful friend and teaches the lesson on loyalty and dignity and love.

Are you okay tonight, beautiful dog?  I'll be waking up during the night again to wonder....

And this morning as I drive to work I pass the dog's "spot" there it is. Sitting in the open, miserable and wet watching the road.  I stopped and left a bit of food wishing it would go into the shelter we left behind. I doubt it will for fear of missing the car it waits for.  So, so sad.


So, here's what happened with our friend the abandoned dog.  After several failed attempts to catch the dog, a sedative was administered via a dart gun.  The dog, currently being called Rhett, was taken to the vet where it was discovered he had a suffered a broken leg - probably hit by a car - which had healed improperly but since he is getting around fine, nothing will be done for now.  He is a WONDERFUL dog and we wanted to bring him home but when introduced to a goofy large pup that we have, decided it might not be the best fit.  The shelter he is currently at, anticipates no problem in finding him a home. Such a wonderful, wonderful dog.  Why do people do these things?  But, I believe there is a happy ending to this story and someone is going to be very, very lucky!



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Thanks for the blog. We've had two cats adopts us that we believe were dropped off too. The human condition and society as a whole is taking turns in seemingly endless downward spiral.

It is stories like your's that make me see the other side of an otherwise heartless human condition. We are a humane farm and mortality is our hardest thing to deal with. We only have layers but you don't raise something from a day old and not get attached to it, emotionally and spiritualy.

You are not alone, there are many of us that would do the same thing as you and your husband. thanks for telling us your story.
God Bless

Posted by Brian on October 09, 2009 at 07:23 AM CDT #

It sounds like this dog was left in a neighborhood of guardian angels! I hope you win it over, and that you keep us posted, there are lots of readers who want to know how the story turns out.

I have a farm not far from the main highway, and over the years it has absorbed a number of abandoned are not alone in caring!

Posted by Emily on October 10, 2009 at 03:55 PM CDT #

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