Great Expectations

  (Mooresville, Indiana)
A Journey Into The Unknown!
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Things I hadn't considered...

With all the vast sources of information we have at our finger tips to make sure we stay as informed as possible about which politician did what and what part of the economy fell apart today, which celebrity got arrested and on and on...what about all the other things all around us that we never think of or rarely even consider?  Seemingly so unimportant on the surface, in the end, these odd bits just may be the tiny stitches that keep the fabric of our lives sane.  [Read More]

Off and Running

Retire to Florida and sit in a chair on the beach?  Not likely!  Instead, after raising 5 great kids, we buy a decrepit little house and outbuildings on 3.5 acres and see what we can do.  Are we crazy?? Some people think so!  [Read More]
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