Great Expectations

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A Journey Into The Unknown!
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Thanksgiving is more than just dinner.

Thanksgiving - it's more than pilgrims and dinner.

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Autumn has arrived!

Autumn!  What a wonderful time of year with a homage to the farmers who are unsung heroes in today's world.  Thanks for all you do!  [Read More]

Starting all over again...

I haven't even wrapped up this year and it's time to start on the next one! Whew!  [Read More]

So, how many ways can you use turkey, anyway?

What do you do with a 35 pound turkey for Thanksgiving?  That's a lot of sandwiches!  It looks like we'll be having deviled eggs too!  [Read More]

Have we met?

Was it only yesterday that I talked about how I'll miss my dear turkeys?  You know, the jolly birds that I've grown so fond of.  As the saying goes, my, what a difference a day makes!

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What's that smell??

So, what happens when you don't know what "fresh" skunk scent smells like?  Who knew there was such a thing? Certainly not me!  [Read More]
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