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What a year!

I can't believe it has been months since I posted a new entry to our little site.  My mother was right when she said time flies by faster as you get older.  I guess it is a bit like that ride downhill on a bike... it's harder to keep your feet on the pedals and slow things down!

We just took in a batch of chickens to be processed.  I find I'm less anxious to sell them to than keep them for our own use this time. It is such a labor-intensive process that raising food for our own use is probably easier when we're working fulltime.  Now, if I had a fairy godmother, I'd develop my own processing center for folks in this area so we didn't have to drive 90 miles one way to have poultry processed.  I mentioned this to someone and joked that I was soliciting investors.  The response was that it hardly seemed like a money-making proposition.  My response back was that I thought it would be but you know what, it wouldn't matter that it didn't make "buckets" of money.  It would need to make it worth my time and pay for itself.  Anything past that would be "gravy".  Why does everything have to be about big money?  I think the real value would be that people would have a reasonable alternative to food from the big factory-type farms where a bird never sets foot on the ground.  We, on the other hand, worry that our birds live a normal life, including coaxing the less than perfect birds, like our one-eye "Winky", to get along and act like a normal chicken.

Regardless, we are still plugging along despite having to work elsewhere to make ends meet and keep the lights on.  We, who get to live out in the country and raise our own food, maye share it with others on a big or small level, are very blessed, indeed! 


Not exactly our best year ever...

What a summer... not much has gone right.  The garden was a mess, a fox dined on quite a few of my chickens, the new paint on the barn flaked off part already - not sure what went wrong there... It's been one thing after another!  [Read More]

Things I hadn't considered...

With all the vast sources of information we have at our finger tips to make sure we stay as informed as possible about which politician did what and what part of the economy fell apart today, which celebrity got arrested and on and on...what about all the other things all around us that we never think of or rarely even consider?  Seemingly so unimportant on the surface, in the end, these odd bits just may be the tiny stitches that keep the fabric of our lives sane.  [Read More]

Off and Running

Retire to Florida and sit in a chair on the beach?  Not likely!  Instead, after raising 5 great kids, we buy a decrepit little house and outbuildings on 3.5 acres and see what we can do.  Are we crazy?? Some people think so!  [Read More]
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