Great Expectations

  (Mooresville, Indiana)
A Journey Into The Unknown!
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Thanksgiving is more than just dinner.

Thanksgiving - it's more than pilgrims and dinner.

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Autumn has arrived!

Autumn!  What a wonderful time of year with a homage to the farmers who are unsung heroes in today's world.  Thanks for all you do!  [Read More]

When Love is Not Deserved - Updated

In these difficult times, people abandon the extra expenses in their life.  Too often, it just happens to be identified as a dog that has to go.  I understand that, I suppose, but it doesn't have to be cruel.  [Read More]

What was that??

Is that our cat chasing a fox???  [Read More]

Roller Coasters

When is a roller coaster like having a small business?  Kind of like this past week at our place.  I've got some thinking to do...  [Read More]

Reality Check

I've read the stories from dozens of others, knew it was likely to happen, yet, somehow I thought it wouldn't.  [Read More]

Confessions of a Tomato Killer

I know there are folks with a real knack for growing things.  For some it is just an instinct, others study how, and others learned by watching family members for so many years. So far, I haven't perfected this at all.  Tomato seedlings everywhere should be shaking in their pots.  [Read More]

Hooray for Spring!

There's so much to do that it's hard to know where to start! Although Winter may try to push back into our days, Spring will rule soon.  [Read More]

Time Travel

It is with some measure of surprise that I see how long it has been since I posted anything to my blog here on Local Harvest.  What happened to the time between my last post and now,  I wonder?


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Cabin Fever and Snow, Wonderful Snow

It snowed today.  What a great day!  [Read More]

Things I hadn't considered...

With all the vast sources of information we have at our finger tips to make sure we stay as informed as possible about which politician did what and what part of the economy fell apart today, which celebrity got arrested and on and on...what about all the other things all around us that we never think of or rarely even consider?  Seemingly so unimportant on the surface, in the end, these odd bits just may be the tiny stitches that keep the fabric of our lives sane.  [Read More]

An Empty House - Again.

I'm suffering from Post-Holiday-Empty-House Syndrome!

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Slip Slidin' Away!

Driving on ice?  Not a good idea regardless of what you're driving!  [Read More]

Can It Get Colder? Oh Yeah!

It is nose-nipping, toe-freezing, hot chocolate cold outside today so why would a chicken go wandering away from the warmth of it's huddled up friends?  It doesn't look good...  [Read More]

It's been the best year!

I really do believe that every cloud has a silver lining if you're willing to look for it and accept it.  [Read More]
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