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We have had a great spring, blessed with good rains early on. We were able to get the garden in early enough. We got a fine first cutting of hay. We have had good sales at the two farmer's markets we attend (Ashland and the one Whole Foods puts on.) We have just taken three Beltie steers to the butcher and see increasing interest in our grass fed beef. We bought a few more cows this spring and our herd is growing. We have a mixed bunch, pure bred Belted Galloway, some pure bred Red Angus, a Red Angus bull and a few cross bred calves. We have found a beautiful field to rent with excellent facilities and the cattle are happy. This gives us better ability for controlling the breeding seasons and pasture health by now having several fields for cattle. Speaking of fields and animals, we had a busy winter doing fence work here making more fields safe for horses and our new equine friends, the miniature donkeys. We met and made arrangements with a gentleman moving from his farm into a retirement home to board his herd of 18 miniature donkeys and the two merino sheep that he loves so dearly. What cool animals!

Please come see us at the farmers markets. Call us to come visit the farm and see some animals. We have great pastured farm fresh eggs and offer an egg subscription to families or individuals who are regular egg eaters. We have a summer sale on one gallon perennials, many good looking great performers for Virginia gardens. And sign up for our fall beef harvest. Call or email for pricing. Thank you all for your support, Bruce.

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