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Thanksgiving at Dragonfly Farm

As Thanksgiving moves closer we realize how much we have to be grateful for at Dragonfly Farms.  Having been at the farm for one whole year we look back in amazement at all we have learned and the wonderful people that we have met. 

With the steers for this year sold and the plant season winding down, we are turning our attention to the specialty horse boarding aspect of our business.  We have 6 wonderful horses that live at our farm enjoying their retirement.  The barn is complete with five stalls and paddocks for turnout and have successfully rehabilitated several horses with soft tissue injuries and are looking forward to helping many more.  As a veterinarian I am finding caring for the geriatric and injured horses very rewarding and am grateful for the new career opportunities that these horses bring.

Next year's beef steers are growing fast and we can't wait to provide beef from the heritage breed, Belted Galloways, next year.  This breed is known for its ability to thrive on a grass fed program.

The hens are continuing to lay their eggs and it is a constant hunt to find all of them!  We are still looking for ways to entice our free range birds to lay in the nesting boxes that we are providing!  Any hints are appreciated! 

We are in the process of planning next year's garden and Bruce has his perennials potted up for next spring.  We will be looking for you at the Ashland Farmer's Market in April!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sincerely, Katherine

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