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New Year

It is a brave new year with me in charge of the farm and my life completely.  Scary and exciting!



First market

Wednesday was the first market for me in Kalamazoo and the first market for the Co-op too.  I think it went well for all of us.  I did a lot of talking and educating.  I didn't have great sales but I certainly piqued people's interests.  I'm really impressed with how much people in Kzoo know about wild food.  I knew this was the right place to undertake a wild food business.

Overall, I feel pretty good about it.  Of course, maybe that's because it's spring.  I've been very busy and am utterly exhausted pretty much all the time.  It's not fall harvest season exhaustion when I can't even think straight and only manage to pull myself off the couch because there's tomatoes going bad somewhere.  i've planted a lot which is no feat since I haven't been able to scrape together enough money for a seeder.  I'm a pretty good hand planter.  And finder of fiddleheard ferns!


Tomato varieties

I've listed, described and exhaustively presented all 16 varieties of my favorite food that I grow. This list is complete with preparation tips and histories of the tomato varieties along with a little American history and poetry thrown in.   [Read More]

Varieties of Potatoes

A description of the 8 different varieties of potatoes I grow along with suggestions for preparation.  [Read More]

CSA and season details

This blog is naturally very long.  I've broken down my CSA program into individual weeks and list what foods I hope to have available each week.

  [Read More]

Getting Started

I've finally done it!  It just posted some items for sale (awaiting approval, which is fairly sure to come)  I've been selling some of my products at the Goshen, IN and have received great feedback.  One woman had a very exhaustive story about how well my Cramp Cream works.  Unfortunately, I can't offer that for sale through the localharvest site yet.  I'm out of raspberry leaf and it's certainly not seasonal yet.  Her Bath Salts do contain the same ingredients, though and I have plenty of oil left for the salts.

The farm is going a little more slowly, of course.  I haven't planted yet, of course.  I have started making copious lists of things I do want to plant and have marked out some of the garden places.  I'm very excited and scared goofy.

After nearly a decade of farming with my dad, this is a huge change.  Still, I'll be doing what I love and know.  Even if I only manage a few bushels of tomatoes, I'll be happy.

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