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My 1st Year at Farming!

Wow . . . almost a year has passed since my first blog entry in December of 2008!  You know, I enjoy reading blogs written by other farmers but I can't for the life of me figure out where they find the time to write! haha. . .


Most of my days start early, getting my child off to school, an hour at the gym, then I head off to the farm.  I stay as late as I can which on most days is not too late - I'm the resident chauffer for the kid!


 It is hard to differentiate between fun and work at the farm . . . it is all good!  Whether it is pulling weeds, hoeing a row, cleaning out the chicken coop (oh yeah, we have chickens!) pulling weeds, planting transplants, mowing the grass, pulling weeds, irrigating, turning the compost, pulling weeds . . . it is all good.  Did you notice that we spend a lot of time pulling weeds! hahaha


Chickens ... are amazing, entertaining little creatures!  Last week, Jack and I took our chairs out to the coop and ate lunch with the chickens.  We had about 30 or so little chicks and they are non-stop running!  Unfortunately, coyotes like little chickens and we are down to about 20 . . . it's hard to get a good count since they move so quickly!


Today I started weeding the jicama row and melon row.  It looks really good!  The jicama should be ready in the next few weeks.  It was planted in February and needs 10 months in the ground.  If you've never had fresh jicama, you should try some!  You know how tough the peel can be . . . well, with fresh jicama the peel is not tough at all and the jicama is juicy . . . I did not tire of our jicama last year at all. 


I'll write more later - hopefully before 10 months pass me by!












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