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Harlingen Farmers Market ... coming soon!

Good News!!!

Harlingen Farmers Market coming soon!!

The market will be held weekly on Saturday afternoons at El Mercado Mall, at the intersection of Morgan and 77 Sunshine Strip in Harlingen. There is plenty of shade - our tables will be in a beautiful patio area toward the back of the mall. There are restrooms nearby and plenty of parking.

 In case you aren't familiar with the location, the mall is near the intersection of 77 Sunshine Strip and Morgan. In fact, if you approach it from Harrison and head north on 77 Sunshine Strip, look up as you get near that intersection and notice that it is behind the big yellow M....
Yes, that M really belongs to a fast food restaurant, but very soon
everyone in town is going to know it also stands for MARKET!

This setting is refreshingly beautiful, reminiscent of a Mexican
mercado with its Saltillo tile, shady trees, and flowering plants.
There is plenty of parking, restrooms close by, and a wonderful
selection of other businesses you will enjoy becoming acquainted with.
More on that later....

Before the market can open, there are permits to be secured from the city.  If all goes smoothly we should have their approval by early
December. Just in time for the bounty of fresh produce that your local
growers will be harvesting....


By the way, check out Harlingen Farmers Market Facebook page!  If the linke below does not work, simply search facebook for Harlingen Farmers Market . . . feel free to join the group!

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