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My 1st Week at Farming

My name is Rhonda and for the last 22 1/2 years I've been a banker.  Well, with things as they are in the world right now, layoffs are inevitiable and that is what has happened to me.  I've been "severed" and now join my partner Jack in our farming endeavor.   I am a farming banker! 

I'm reflecting on what I did yesterday and the contrast between the "real work" and "paper work" is astonishing!  I planted 100 strawberry plants, harvested many pounds of jicama (and that, my friend is not an easy task!) and harvested jicama seed. 

I started this blog on December 10 and today is December 29.  I visited the strawberry plants today and they are looking lovely!  Last week Jack mowed down some oat hay and we snuggled the little plants with hay.  They look so pretty with their dark green leaves against the brown hay. 

The other thing we did today was "turn" our compost heap.  It is really starting to cook and smells so nice!  We have about 1,000 seedlings in flats and will use the compost to prepare beds to receive the seedlings.  We have lettuces, bell peppers and habanero peppers to go in. 

Will write more later!  Gotta fix dinner now . . .

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