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Kathi spinning Angora from the Bunny

Ha ha... I've gotten YouTube figured out! 

Take a look here... 


Kathi's spinning at the Shepards Fest ... on Mothers' Day 2009 

Adding YouTube Video's

I've just built a YouTube account... Iowaangora...


Let's see if I can get pictures posted... let me know if you do see them! 




Bunnies, & Bunnies, & Bunnies on my !

Wow!   What a day we had yesterday!   It was "labor & delivery" day @ the bunny barn! 

We had  twelve does on our "probably bred" list.  Eight had litters!  [Read More]

Cedar Rapids RBA Show 4/18 & 4/19

Wow, what a busy weekend.  We had 2 class 4 shows on Saturday (smaller rabbits) and 2 class 6 shows on Sunday (the big ones) 

 Ahren showed in Youth on the Mini Lop table, and got Best of Breed both times with his Opal Mini, "Delilia"   He is so excited.

 Ethan did well with the Fuzzy Lops in the 1st show, but WOW in the 2nd show, Best of Breed "Jerry" and Best Opposite Sex "Lambchop"   Way to go Ethan.

 Ethan and his French Angoras did well too, a BoV and a BOS, both shows.

 Ahren got Best of Breed in Satin Angoras too, both shows.

Sunday in the Class 6, Ahren had BOB & BOS in his Giant Angoras


I took my Flemish Giants, I got Best of Variety (BOV) with my Fawn Doe in 1st show.

 I did buy a Sandy Buck, so we can start having Sandy and Fawn Flemish this spring.

 I'll post that later ;)



Spring Breeding...

... always a question rabbit breeders ask each other...

How is your breeding going?

We're just getting ready to do ours, for some it's a bit late, but we like to have it warmer before babies are born. We have fewer losses to cold.

We're planing to breed Giant Angora, French Angora, Satin Angora, and American Fuzzy Lops. I need to find a Flemish Giant Buck, and have plans to breed my Flemish does when I do.

We do try to do our breeding on a Wednesday evening, then the babies are typically born on the weekend when we are home. It is only 32 days & we have nests of wiggeling, squeeking, popcorn! LOL Thats the most fun part!

Anyone else breeding rabbits, want to share ?


Let it snow... again...

Wow, it is snowing again. 

 Snow, melt, snow, melt, snow, melt... 


Are we having fun yet ?



LH store site up soon I hope


 We just got our 1st entries posted on our LH store this week.  We're still waiting for "approval" ... hope that isn't a long process???


We've started to plan for our spring breeding, watch our calendar for due dates, and we'll get pictures of our fluff balls as we continue to grow this site :)


Thanks & let us know if you have any questions.

 j & k


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