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Bunnies, & Bunnies, & Bunnies on my !

Wow!   What a day we had yesterday!   It was "labor & delivery" day @ the bunny barn! 

We had 12 does on our "probably bred" list. 8 Does had litters!

They all were given nest boxes last Friday!   Funny, some just "make a nest", some do, some don't.  Some do a day later!  

Kathi & I took the day off, it is usually better if we stay close when babies are due. 

Our American Fuzzy Lop "Tweedledee" proved that for us.  She had a nice nest box.  She choose to move a little straw, and ripped up some of the Masonite from the bottom of her nest box, and built a cute little nest in the "other corner" of her cage.  That was where she was going to have her babies!   And so she did, four nice babies.  Then we moved them and the box to "her selected" corner!  

Boom one of our favorite French Angoras always lives up to her name, she has 9 in her box.  We're still pondering the colors!

 Our Giant Angora does, did their thing nicely.  Michelle has 5, DJ had 6.

 In total we had 8 litters born, and have ~35 babies ... not bad.

 More stories, and pictures to come!




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