Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm

  (Martinsville, Ohio)
Ohio Lavender Farm
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We are growing! Lot's of future goals.........

The farm has over 1200 plants ready for the fields beginning of May!


CERTIFIED ORGANIC produce this year includes Tomatoes of many kinds, tomatillos, peppers, squash, watermelon, orange sherbert melon, lavender, sweet marjoram, mint, onions, potatoes, lettuce, chives, basil, broccoli, green beans, snap peas, & spinach.

For the 2010 season red & black raspberry's, strawberry's, & blueberry's will be available for HANDPICK.

Our goal here as a Lavender farm is to increase our Lavender production from 1 full acres to a total of 5 ACRES next season!! Yes 5 acres of LAVENDER, we will be the largest lavender farm in the whole MIDWEST and most of the US. Production for the next three years will also include some produce but transforming into a full FRUIT FARM by 2011!!

Help support BUY LOCAL and join our farm share program to guarantee produce weekly!

See you in JUNE for our Lavender Field Day, lot's of workshops, food, live music, and a day among the fully bloomed Lavender! Everyone must see this so come on out you will be happy!!

KIDS, WE LOVE KIDS bring them along!!

Peace, Love and Lavender!!!!

A Perfect Weekend For Mushroom Hunting

Season is here and the great spring rain has past for the next several days leaving us with warm temperatures and an abundance of MORREL mushrooms waiting to be harvested. 


Hunt on the Eastern and Northern facing slopes. They can be found under honey suckle bushes, leaves, trail edges and near any old fire burn pile. Definitely check around your back yard fire pit. There here so be vigilant and have a great hunting season this weekend. I know we will in between the field preparations.

Come back and post your harvest for all of us to see. We will also be posting some Morrel recipes after this weekend.


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