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In Town Organics and Summer Fields
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Got garlic?

It's garlic harvest time and we are slowly pulling amazing heads from the earth. So far we have harvested the Asian varieties - Korean Red, Asian Tempest, and Blossom. We have also harvested the Parcelain type hard necks: German Porcelain and Music, and one soft neck variety: Loiacono. That's about 1/2 of all we have planted.

Garlic is available for pick up locally or we can ship it. If you are interested in a pound of any of these varieties, please check out our store listing here on local harvest.

Aside from garlic, I've also listed some of our fleeces and wool. I'm excited to finally have products listed.


Spring has finally sprung on the farm.

This is my first blog entry and the first time in months that I've had time to sit and type.

In Town Organics is our produce farm and I'm relieved to say that we are taking it easy this year. Due to a new baby human on the farm, vegetable production will be greatly scaled back. We will have a few extras though and we anticipate a decent strawberry and garlic crop. I weeded the strawberries yesterday and there are a lot of baby berries - apparently 8 months of neglect was not as poor a management idea as I had originally thought! Garlic heads, braids, and seed will be available this summer and fall at the Cumberland Farmer's Market and on

Summer Fields, our livestock operation, is in it's second year and boy have we learned a lot about sheep! I'm very pleased to say that this spring the sheep are doing great. They look super healthy. We have 8 new lambs - 6 ewes and 2 rams, and we have managed to shear everyone. We have bags and bags of lovely fleeces that will be available for sale soon. They range from fine PolyPay and Gulf Coast wools to more coarse, but very long, Cotswold and Romney wools.

We also have a new crop of baby bunnies on the farm and we have redesigned some of our rabbit cages in hopes of increasing our rabbitacity. Though it's not final yet, there is talk of a new rabbit processing facility nearby which would enable us to get these rabbits onto more plates in the area. More on that when it happens.

That's been spring so far. There may be a little salad mix at the farmer's market next week so keep your eyes peeled (!

Thanks for reading.

- Jess



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