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  (Carnation, Washington)
What's happening on the farm?
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Almost time to transplant!

We have several varieties ready for transplant, hopefully this weekend - Kohlrabi, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale to name a few. We also hope to do our first round of direct seeding. We'd like to get some radishes, spinach, asian greens and maybe even potatoes done in the next week. Along with all of the seeding and transplanting, we've almost completed 1 of the 24'x60' greenhouses we've been working on the last 4 weeks. The houses will be used for Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplant.

We do everything with our walk-behind BCS tractor - we just got it 3 weeks ago - and the rotary plow attachment. It has a diesel engine, which we run on biodiesel, and provides plenty of power for the small scale farming operation like ours.


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