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Seed starting continues

I'm still chugging along starting seeds. Actually, I have become obsessive about it. There is just something immensely rewarding about watching things grow. Have I told you this before? Well, I said I was obsessed. I'm planting extra seed to guarantee we have plenty of vegetables to share, plus extra to allow for seed or seedling losses. So far I've only had 2 trays of seeds that didn't germinate. But a fresh pack of seeds in new trays replaced the failed trays. A few seedlings bit the dust. My fault...I had the trays sitting at just the right height to be nailed by Samson's tail.
I wasn't too sure about growing Artichokes here, so I started 50 seeds. All are doing well! Way more than we need, but what the heck. Artichokes typically don't produce till the second year, after going through a winter. There's a technique to get it to produce the first year. The seeds are germinated and the seedlings raised for 6-8 weeks, then chilled for a couple of weeks, to trick it into thinking it had gone through a winter. If all goes well, we'll have Artichokes this fall.
I've started moving cold tolerant seedlings to the greenhouse. The less tolerant ones will remain in the house, nice and warm, until the night time temperatures stay above 50. Trying to avoid having to run a heater out there, so that we can keep our expenses down. A savings that we pass on to our members. Luckily, we have good southern light in the house, so we don't have to provide additional lighting.    
I've started seed for the following flowers: Himalayan Poppies, Red Poppies, Nasturtium, Yellow Marigold, Petunia, Coleus, Aster, Phlox, Larkspur, Forget Me Nots, Sweet William, Balsam, Zinnia, Bachelor's Button, Baby's Breath, Purple Coneflower, Penstemon and Apricot Beauty Foxgloves. Still have a number of other flowers to start, but I ran out room. We'll have a beautiful selection of flowers for the weekly shares.
Not only am I being obsessive, I am also addicted. Gardeners are like kids in a candy store when they find a garden center. I tried rationalizing that I didn't need any more plants, but...but...but the prices were too good to pass up. Garden centers are such enablers! Of course I walked out of there with new plants. I now have three Azaleas, one large Jasmine, six peonies, and 4 rose bushes to plant. In addition to the 100 Gladiolas bulbs, I've yet to plant, or the other 500 I still want to order..Don't know where everything will be planted yet, but I'll find a happy home for them somewhere in the yard.
Now that the temperatures are starting to come up to where they are suppose to be, we've had just enough rain in the past three days, that we haven't been able to plant anything in the garden. No worries, though, as delivery doesn't start for 7 or 8 weeks. Just another reason for starting so many seeds early. By planting mostly transplants in the garden, we'll be gaining a few weeks on the season.
Hopefully next time I can start telling you about everything we planted in the garden. Till then...
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