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Fairly dangerous

I've decided I could be fairly dangerous given the right circumstances. I really try to think rationally and plan accordingly, and I always have the best intentions. But sometimes, well...I just get carried away. Must be something to do with my astrological sign. There's just no other explanation for it.
I want a greenhouse. Not a little backyard greenhouse, like I have now, but a big ol' farm size hoop house. Of course, it has to have heat, so that I can grow things all winter. Lots of shelves, too, for all the plants, plus all the potting supplies. And a little table and a couple of chairs, so I can sit and admire my handiwork, or discuss the virtues of gardening with a friend. Yep, I want a real greenhouse! But I have my trusty little 10' x 10' greenhouse for now and it is serving me well. Although, I will soon be running out of room in there. Might even have to remove my chair.
After the little bit of rain last night, and the rain off and on all day, it was too muddy to work outside today. So I spent the better part of the day potting up little seedlings to the next size pot. I have lost count of how many tomatoes and peppers are now in individual pots. It sure didn't look like many when they were itty bitty in the seed trays. Suffice it to say, I don't think there is going to be a shortage of either here. The 30 or so bell peppers previously potted up are doing fantastic. I expect to see a bloom or two any day now. There's 30 additional little tomato plants that are about ready to be potted up again. The tomatoes that were moved to the greenhouse a couple of days ago are sure enjoying the extra light. We even have some blooms starting on a couple of the Cherry Tomatoes! The winter sown herbs have been divided and put into pots. They smell absolutely wonderful! I have close to 50 Artichoke plants, looking quite content, sitting on my office table. Half of the seed potatoes I bought a few weeks ago have been quartered and are laid out to cure on a 5' section of my kitchen counter.
Yes, sometimes I get carried away...but we'll have plenty of fresh produce for our CSA shares! 
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