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Just a quick update

Everything is looking good. We opted not to plant out any more of the greenhouse plants till we get past this weekend of cold nights. But once they are in the garden, boy, are they going to take off growing! Cherry tomatoes look to be chomping at the bit to start producing. Lots and lots of tiny, little buds just waiting there for the right time to open up! I really think we're going to have some available with the early deliveries that include a few baby greens for some wonderful spring salads! Anyway, the cold sensitive plants are still tucked warmly in the greenhouse.

Thanks to all the early garden prep work we got done, even with these few cool nights, we are still pretty much on schedule with everything. A few things might not start coming in the week expected, but won't be too far behind. Hot weather slows down some of the cool season growth of spring crops, sometimes to the point of stopping growth. On the other hand, cool weather slows down the growth of heat loving plants sometimes by a week or two. We had already worked in an extra 2-4 weeks of delivery at the end of the season to share whatever produce is still available with our CSA members, so no worries about receiving the right amount of food and number of delivery weeks.

 Another reason I was so happy we were ahead on the garden work is because I'm currently having a short hospital confinement. I developed a sinus infection recently, and with the addition of the tree and dandelion pollen blowing and working with the freshly cut grass/hay clippings we use for mulch, I was having a little extra trouble breathing. I am in for some observations and tests, but should be going home tomorrow. Al is taking care of the watering and plant needs, and giving me a  couple of daily tray by tray updates of plant conditions. It's all good....

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