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A touch of spring

The forecast for the next few days sounds wonderful! We've been 10-20* cooler than normal for this time of year, so everything outside is a little slow getting going this spring. But that's okay, as it will slow down the spring buds, with less chance of being damaged by late frosts.
I got all of the herbs started that we'll be adding to the perennial garden. All of the seed trays and seedlings are still in the house and will be for another week or two, since it's too cold to move things to the greenhouse at this time. The tomatoes are doing awesome!
A neighbor farmer stopped by yesterday to discuss where we needed additional space plowed. Hopefully, he can do that Monday, if we don't get any rain before then. This would be a good time to explain our growing methods. We use 30" x 20' wide rows. Vegetable families have different nutritional needs, so this allows us to add the required organic amendments specifically for each crop to ensure that the plants are healthy, which in turn makes for better flavor. Having each wide row designated for one crop makes it easier for us to quickly cover the whole row for cold sensitive vegetables on those nights when the temperature dips. We also plant intensively and use organic mulch, which cuts down on weed growth and retains moisture at the plants roots. The mulch breaks down over the summer and at the end of the season will be mixed in with the soil below. This improves the soil and eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers.
I recently discovered personal size melons, that I think will be a nice addition throughout the summer. They come in much sooner than full size melons and are the right size for a couple of servings. The cantaloupes are Minnesota Midget and one from France, Petit Gris de Rennes. The watermelons are Golden Midget and Red Pony. The Golden Midget is an heirloom that grows as green, but the skin turns yellow when ripe. The inside is still red, though. Personally, I love melons, just not everyday. If everyone like these, we'll keep them in our lineup for future years. We'll also have larger melons for later in the season.
Next time, I'll tell you about the beans and peppers.

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