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Making the switch to eating locally grown food

The news stations have been reporting about the recent increase in food prices because of weather events. The current price for a 25# box of wholesale tomatoes is $30, up from $7. Why? Because Florida lost 70% of their tomato crops due to extended freezing temperatures.
It doesn't end there. California, which provides 50% of the nation's produce, has had extreme weather too, which damaged some of their crops. Strawberries were specifically mentioned on the news. The earthquakes in Chile impacted both the harvest and transportation of plums and grapes.
We have become accustomed to the rows and rows of colorful trucked in produce, where we can buy just about any fruit or vegetable at any time of the year. We may be in for a shock in the coming weeks, when we see a smaller selection and sky high prices. All the more reason to eat locally grown's usually much less expensive.
I don't buy much in the way of fresh produce. I would love to tell you that we only eat locally grown and in season food, or that we preserve nine month's worth of food from the garden each fall, but that's not the case. We do buy some fresh vegetables during the winter, such as lettuce, tomatoes on a occasion, and potatoes and onions starting sometime in January, which is about the time we run out of our homegrown stash. We also buy some canned vegetables. Then, there are the foods that just can't be grown locally, so I grin and bear it, when I pick up bags of oranges or grapefruits. A good portion of the other vegetables and fruits we consume through the winter come from our freezer. 
But this is a new year. We have plans to put in a winter harvest garden this coming fall, so that we can eat more "locally grown" food for a longer period. We'll be offering a week by week share to our members who wish to continue with us till the end of this season's harvest.
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