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Good Luck to the New Guy

We have a new head rooster. He’s more mature thant the other roosters, but smaller because of his breed. It’s very confusing to everyone.


The hens give him no respect. He can’t get the time of day from anyone except the baby birds. What a misundestood rooster! He sings a lot in a sad, proud sort of way, clucking and chuckling with disgruntlement even as he sings the head-rooster song. He can’t get no respect. We’re calling him Rodney.

Scuttle let him become head rooster without a fight the moment he was introduced to the flock. Too many hens for Scuttle. Good luck to the new guy.

In the first photo is the second of our 3 new roosters. He and his brother are almost identical - black and white and very large. Though younger than the other birds, they are much larger. Large and mel-low!

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