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Hulling with a pistol

Dear Andrea,

Andrea writes:
Hi. I have recently been given a large amount of oats and I am having trouble finding an effective way to hull them. Any suggestions?? Thanks.

We respond:
though, of course, it would be easiest for you to avoid hulling the oats by buying Re Rustica hulless oats (a variety that has, as the name implies, no hull for hulling), to hull the oats you have will require a mill or a pestle (not a pistol, though that might work too).  We can ship you hulless oats very affordably anywhere you may be - let us know if you'd like a quote.

We do sell grain mills, they start at about $300 and also ship well.  The pestles are easy to make, or can be bought for about $20, and ship very well.  A pistol we actually don't suggest because you risk lead poisoning.

You will then have the choice of keeping the hulls or throwing them out.  When we eat our hulled oats, we keep the hulls in because they are very nutritious sources of fiber.  Fiber is one of the most important nutrients as it helps with the digestion of other nutrients! 

To crush the oats with a pestle, grind the grains firmly until the hull is broken. You can grind them firmer and roll them to make rolled oats.  A mill is a machine that does this for you.

We then suggest baking the oats to a golden brown - they're great toasted in yogurt, or scrambled eggs with some dandelion and purslane and cabbage.

let us know if you have any other questions, or if we can help you!

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I'm interested in buying some of the hulless oats you mentioned. Could you e-mail me with info? Thank! goatfarmer.

Posted by goatfarmer on February 23, 2009 at 02:46 PM PST #

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