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Nature Provides All We Need

Food can have amazing effects on you.  Some foods make you happy, others make you sad, some make you healthy, others can kill you.  Some foods make you hallucinate, others clarify your mind.  Food is a magical thing, and it is important to remember that - as enjoyable as the daily meals are - they are important to your mind, body and soul.

What we eat we eat for pleasure, but also for nutrition.  We balance our diet upon the reccomendations of nutritionists, following the USDA food pyramid religiously.  A varied diet of grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, oils and sugars is so important to us - the "treats" at the top of the pyramid no less so than the "staples" on bottom.  How could we go a day without delicious beans? Or skimp on our favorite olive oil?  Our oats are as important as our fruits and nuts and veggies. 

Every once in a while, we don't feel well.  Or perhaps a friend doesn't feel well.  We give them some foods to make them better.  It's magic: eating the right food can make you strong!

Nature provides for our needs by giving to us at the right time those things we need most.  In the autumn we recieve our oils, our heavy carbohydrates, our foods we need to hold us through winter.  In winter, we feast upon the bounty of autumn, but also seek out those vitamin and mineral rich trees and berries nature preserved for us to find.  Digging through the snow, we find joy for our plates: the ruby red rosehip is a treasure for the palate.  In the spring, the taraxacum and the other spring greens and roots give us the health to make the most of summer's bounty.

When we are overborne by the weariness of the world, we make a special and interesting dinner.  Nature already makes sure we vary our diet, keeping our love for natural foods alive with constant and pleasant surprises.  Nature cares for our needs, and provides for us.

As farmers, we work with nature.  We help those plants that are our friends grow bigger and stronger, so that those friends we feed them to are made stronger still.  We give our friendship to the birds that lay our eggs.

By providing food and shelter to all the animals of our world, we fear no hardship.  The coyotes leave our birds alone to hunt rabbits in our fields, singing us beautiful songs at night. The foxes eat grasshoppers.  The worms, ants and various insects tend our crops.  Life is not spent at leisure, but upon completing that most essential job that none of the animals can do:

the love of all living creatures.

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