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Second Try

I am happy to report that the result with half of the salt was wonderful. The flavor is even throughout and there is no mold development. 

The flavor is bland. This is a great cheese to use in cream soups as there is no distracting flavor added, just the creamy thickening qualities.



Hard Goat Cheese from frozen curds  [Read More]

Keeping Poultry

 We will be offering poultry classes at the Buckley's Homestead Store starting in January.

January - Winter Poultry Keeping

February - Chicks & Hatching Eggs

March - Coop, Disease, and Maintenance

April - Eggs & Marketing

Growler of Mead

Ok, now that the yeast, honey, and water have been interacting it is time to put it in a container with an Air-lock to slow the fermentation so it can be stored. I did this yesterday. Due to the large amount of energy in the honey, this process will take a bit of time. The airlock was releasing about every minute last night and has slowed a bit, but this is still too drink or store. I'll let you know when it slows more.

Plum Mead

I have made lots of beer over the years. But I have never made mead. So this is the year!

I recently read the book, "The Art of Fermentation", by Sandor Katz. If you have not read this you have really been missing something.

So, here it goes:

Today, I mixed 8 cups of water, 2 cups of honey, and 2 cups of italian plums (left in the fridge from last fall with lots of wonderful yeast on the skins) into a 1 gallon crock, with the lid on it, and placed it on a lower shelf in the kitchen.

I'll let you know what it looks like in 5 days.

Wish me luck!



Mitten of Pork Recipe

I found this Mitten of Pork recipe on the Cooking Channel when watching Two Fat Ladies. They are English ladies who cook old traditional recipes. This one was designed to be taken on a hunt and eaten for lunch cold. I can tell you it is great warm also, served with a salad and a vegetable. It tastes great as leftovers also.
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