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Growler of Mead

Ok, now that the yeast, honey, and water have been interacting it is time to put it in a container with an Air-lock to slow the fermentation so it can be stored. I did this yesterday. Due to the large amount of energy in the honey, this process will take a bit of time. The airlock was releasing about every minute last night and has slowed a bit, but this is still too drink or store. I'll let you know when it slows more.

Plum Mead

I have made lots of beer over the years. But I have never made mead. So this is the year!

I recently read the book, "The Art of Fermentation", by Sandor Katz. If you have not read this you have really been missing something.

So, here it goes:

Today, I mixed 8 cups of water, 2 cups of honey, and 2 cups of italian plums (left in the fridge from last fall with lots of wonderful yeast on the skins) into a 1 gallon crock, with the lid on it, and placed it on a lower shelf in the kitchen.

I'll let you know what it looks like in 5 days.

Wish me luck!


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